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Jess McDonald
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losing control...

YOYO! So this morning at work I got into a rather vicious argument with a "friend". It got so bad that my boss had to stop me from charging at her and busting her head clean open . Now I know I did not display my aikido discipline and probably should of reacted differently and definitely not engaged in physical violence but it's so damn hard. I subconsciously switched off my rational thinking and was consumed by the anger to the point of wanting to inflict serious bodily harm against another.
Anyway, what do you guys think; how do you control your anger even when someone is dishonoring you? Do you think there's a point where your obligated to stand up for yourself even if violence may ensue? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks for your comments!! Late!!
P.S. remember this isn't irritation I'm talking about but blinding anger
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