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Re: Stealing techniques

George S. Ledyard wrote:
When I say a better training system I do not mean the simplified and dumbed down Aikido that is being created to give to the masses. I am talking about a systematic way to describe and teach what is going on in really high level technique. Of course, at that point it is up to the practitioners to make the effort to get there. But at least the requisite instruction is there for those who choose to make the effort.
On this point I agree. As Mike has pointed out, there will be some who simply won't "get it" - even if you do spell it out for them. Add to that the myriad details and complexities, teachers can only pass on a fraction of the sum total of their life experience. It is up to the student to comprehend, apply, analyze, synthesize and evaluate.

Thus my point, that part of the prerequisite training should perhaps be to facilitate an environment where students are taught to learn how to learn.

This doesn't necessarily need apply to Martial Arts per se, but learning in general. I'm merely suggesting that perhaps we need to also look at effective learning strategies, rather than solely on effective teaching strategies.

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