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Re: The "Jo Trick" and Similar Exercises

Kevin Leavitt wrote:
I don't know Rickson, but studying with others in the art of BJJ that I consider to be proficient, I'd guess that he simply trains the same way he always has...that is he does BJJ.

No magic, he probably simply understands more and more everyday that he studies.
And I've trained with other people that're "proficient" at BJJ, and while they're good, they DONT move like Rickson
But I do recognize the way Rickson moves in that video (Choke?).

There's a reason Rickson's different from the rest.
Btw, Rickson is a huge Yoga nutcase, and these skills are inherent in yoga if done properly

On a sidenote,
it's funny that while I'd never really done grappling work extensively before, I was able to roll into the local gracie academy here in Tokyo and roll on par with some of the blue belts. (Something I've mentioned in other posts). The skills that Mike, Dan etc have been talking about directly apply to the ground as well
And its a good thing too, otherwise I probably would've had my ass choked out in under 30 seconds if I didn't have a smattering of these skills.
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