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Dennis Hooker
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Re: The "Jo Trick" and Similar Exercises

Ron Tisdale wrote:
Hi Kevin,

While I can understand your personal viewpoint, I do have to wonder about something. In the quote above, you refer to "the perfect iriminage, and feeling KI emanating from our finger tips," and equate those things with the "jo trick". It seems to me that that would be a logical fallacy, by your own admission. If so, then why do it? Why trivialize the serious parts of this conversation with the less serious issues which really have not even been posited by anyone here?

It makes your arguement, which without such methods seems fairly strong, rather weak.

To see how far and how misguided this can become see the Aikido Journal posts by Brian Kagen on Tom Cameron and George Dillman complete with video. The excuses made for being unable to down a disbelieving reporter and a doubting scientist after the fact are just mind-boggling. I think what is most alarming is that they and their students believe this really works. I have had some hands on experience with these people in the past and I none of it worked on me either.

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