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Re: The "Jo Trick" and Similar Exercises

Good points Mike. I was only clarifying my position of why I am critical or at least suspect of such things. Not meant to be directed at you in anyway.

Yes, you are correct, I am probably heading into "insinuation land" myself at this point, by the nature of the thread.

Do you have any issues, though with my general concept of moderation etc? Seems you agree that there are those that do take things to extremes. I suspect that you and I may agree on things more than it appears. Maybe not agree on the realitive importance on a scale, but agree on things conceptually.

I suppose I could just simply chalk things up to theorectical practice vs. applied practice. University professors can demonstrate various theories and talk in isolation about very minute details about inane and obscure facts that..yes...are important at some place and time. However, many have no idea about how to actually employ the theories they teach in a "real situation". Many Undergrads and some guys on there own with no education can intuitively put into practice what these guys preach with little or no understanding of the theories and be very successful in implementing.

I suppose I am more aligned with those that can do versus those that can talk. both are important, but I think given the nature of martial is more about doing and talking than talking alone. I am not insinuating that anyone here is necessarily guilty of that.

The basis of my argument is that "good for them" glad these guys can have push hand competitions. It is important to them. Yes I can learn something from them I am sure. However, when they cross over and start talking about what others are lacking, then they need to be prepared to demonstrate that within the confines of the art or situation in which they say they are judging...or they are simply "college professors" talking about some theories that they themselves cannot back up.

I am not talking about some isolated exercises or demonstrations.

It sounds like this was the one experience that was had at Aiki Expo last year, although I wasn't there so I can't say for sure.

I really do not mean to continue on. I was simply clarifying my points to Ron about my concerns. They are not directed necessarily at anyone. I have just grown frustrated over the years with people that fixate on KI and then there are those that perpetuate that to gain favor or power, rather than manage, teach, guide, or mentor through proper balance.

I must emphasize that I do not know both you are Dan so I cannot say for sure what you are able to do or not do, so it is not my place or intent to judge either one of you or insinuate that you guys can not practice what you preach. For all I know you guys can and do all the time. To be honest, I'd love to train with both of you, as I have appreciated your candor, patience, and willingness to discuss these subjects!

I am simply not an easy person to deal with in training as I tend to be critical and very stubborn to teach! Probably why it has taken me so many years to advance!

I really do think at this point, I am beating a dead horse...and this is really not related to the topic any longer. Sorry to take up time and distract you guys!
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