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"The Most Beautiful Tai Chi Champion"

This is actually a very sad story:

The young lady, Ma Chang, was the daughter of a 12th generation Chen Style Tai Chi master. She began practicing Tai Chi when she was very young, and won 20+ gold medals and dozens of silver medals in Tai Chi competitions. People called her the "most beautiful Tai Chi champion". Unfortunately, she was killed in a car accident - the driver lost control and hit a pole, and the sedan rolled over and went airborne before crashing down. There were four passengers in the car, and she was the only one who died.

She was 24. Her dad was devastated.

With all respect and sympathy to her family, please enjoy her performance.

Chen Style Tai Chi - 56-move national competition form

Chen Style Tai Chi Sword - 49-move form

The adorable young Ma Chang

Student of Chen Style Hunyuan Tai Chi, under Master Wang Feng Ming
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