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Re: How to deal with irritating partner?

Omg lol.... I can relate to partner issue. I just started not even 6 ryu yet, but we have a noodle arms, where the kid just flops around and you don't even know if ur performing right. Then there is this guy every time I partner up with him he litterely beats me and I always have to start the technique with pleading that he does not actually punch me (dude this is not boxing!)..... Then we have a chatter box, he starts of every exercise with I am so tired I don't even care to do this so there (but what about me I care! I want to do this!)... Oh almost forgot there is a girl who has been there for 1 year and still does not know what proper hanmi is (or maybe she's pretending not to know, hmmm), and of course the guy who tells me to litterely punch him and abuse him in every possible way.... Lol

We do have many wonderful classmates though and sensei is always there to correct me and help me

PS - I think I must be known as the woman that can't roll ( but I do it anyway! I land on my shoulders, get up with a smile, get the "oksana make a circle" instruction from sencei, and keep going!)

Ok, back to the icepak on my shoulders...
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