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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 14

Hello Fred,

Thank you for the information. Is the result of your oral defence a foregone conclusion?

Mine certainly was not, though my adviser gave me a large glass of sherry, just before the oral was due to begin. It took three grueling hours, but I passed and they told me a few minutes afterwards. Candidate and examiners then retired to a local pub for some champagne (the examination was at Kings College, London University).

It is curious, but I returned to Hiroshima University in Japan, but have never taught any classes in the area in which I wrote the Ph.D: which is Aristotle's theory of knowledge and science (though I did once teach some doctorate classes on Aristotle's Rhetoric). However, on the strength of the work I had already begun to do on Japanese culture, that has resulted in columns such as this one, I went to a new department--of Management Studies, teaching comparative culture.

Teaching these Japanese Master's and Doctoral students has been very stimulating: they probably know as much (as little) about kotodama as anyone else in this forum, but they have an easy familiarity with the kind of homophonic wordplay that was the basis of Yamaguchi's and Deguchi's kototama gaku.

Best wishes,


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