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Re: Baseline skillset

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From my experience with this unpopular resistance & immovability training, it's only the other guy who thinks you are immobile, and that's because you've decided you to stop and smell the flowers, not because you are resisting his efforts to move you. Conversely, when you do start walking again, he can't stop you. It's not because you are opposing him at every turn, but because you are keeping your body in "natural" harmony and you've decided to walk over to the next interesting flower.

Once you've got that body, then you can start doing the fun stuff. If the other guy has it, too, things may get interesting.
Very nicely said Tom.
It is hard enough describing this stuff-many times to folks its like talking a different language. Your "visual" of being walked through incorporates at least two argument points that are being discussed here
1. That it is, in fact, moving energy and not static
2. That it is a powerful, connected body, in motion that causes the other person to have to move.
I would only add that the amount of resistance that the "other person" lets call him uke creates some facinating effects in the interplay.
There truly is no static robotic actions involved.
What remains truly sad is that those in AIkido don't have a clue as to what he was really doing in the first place.
Is it any wonder they argue?
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