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Re: Baseline skillset

[quote=Mike Sigman;169293]O-Sensei says: "I sat down and said to Tenryu, "Please try to push me over. Push hard, there's no need to hold back." Since I knew the secret of Aikido, I could not be moved an inch."

Regarding this

Notice that Ueshiba is saying that ...
Well, we notice that what you type is your interpretation of the translator's interpretation of the text, not Ueshiba's direct words.

... the "secret of Aikido" has to do with an ability to stand immoveable while being pushed.
That's one interpretation. If you already believe being immobile is the secret of aikido, then you will interpret it that way. From reading that, it sounds like the secret of aikido is also the secret of sumo.

You might want to ask yourself why would being immobile in a martial art that obviously, if you've ever seen it, values being highly mobile, be its secret?

My interpretation is that it sounds like Ueshiba is saying

secret of aikido -> being immoveable

and not

secret of aikido = being immoveable, as you believe.

That is, whatever he is calling the secret of aikido led to him being immoveable (ie. the translator's "since"), but the secret itself isn't being immoveable.

That is jin, the essence of the kokyu force.
Is that anything like saying "sushi, the essence of shui zhu yu"?

Could you please, please, try and put your Japanese and Chinese terms in regular ol (non-quoted) terms from a basic physics class so those of us that don't speak these foreign languages can hope to udnerstand these secrets? Thanks.

A secret of internal strength?:
"Let your weight from the crotch area BE in his hands."
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