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Re: No touch throwing or muppets in a circle?

Matt Morris wrote: View Post
Well maybe he has. I also watched a clip on Youtube the other night of a baby laughing, it made me laugh - that effected me.

Maybe it is the Quantum Effect whereby one particle despite having no physical conatct with another effects it. A proven scientific principle.

Perhaps we should enlist a quantum physicist to look at it all?
I'm a physics teacher by education. I have studies some quantum physics in my education and from personal interest. By no means I would call myself an expert, but I have some knowledge about it.

You don't need quantum physics for affecting without visible contact. Gravity and electromagnetic force also affect without visible contact. In reality there is contact at a submicroscopic level, because tiny particles travel between source and target to transfer energy and momentum, but we can't see them (like radio waves).

There's always some delay involved with transfer of energy and momentum, because these transfer particles cannot travel faster than the speed of light. Most of the time we don't notice this delay because light is extremely fast (it only takes a nanosecond to travel three meters).

One of the peculiarities of quantum physics is that some quantum effects occur without delay over large distances, ruling out submicroscopic contact by transfer particles. While this is an interesting and puzzling phenomenon, I don't think it helps to explain no touch throws. It would be very hard to measure whether there is a nanosecond delay in no touch throws or not. But I expect the delay exists because no touch throws would require a macroscopic transfer of energy and momentum, which is limited by the speed of light even in quantum physics.

That said, I think the only transfer of energy and momentum in no touch throws is the transfer of light and heat from nage's body to uke's eyes and body, which is hardly enough to throw uke. I believe uke moves himself, consiously or not.

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