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Explicitly stated, the lesson is that Aikido training is very much like Math training. Aikido training seems to be purposed to teach martial principles that can be applied to the world of general martial situations/problems.
I agree - but I don't think it's something that can be grasped from the outside, any more than someone who has never studied algebra can understand differential equations. The question is whether, as someone new come to a field of study, you look at what advanced practitioners do and declare it fraudulent because you don't have the background to understand how it's done. The study of aikido to me is more like an inductive proof than standard deductive reasoning

Bottom line, to OP, you can call this a copout if you want, but to learn you really do have to empty your cup, set aside preconceptions, trust your teacher, and train with sincerity in what they are teaching you now, not what you hope to learn later. So you have to make a judgment call, about whether this person is trustworthy (recommendations help) and whether the hoped-for goal is worth your time in any case. Understand that the judgment is whether it is worth YOUR time, not whether it's worth someone else's time or whether it's worthy in general. As my mom used to say at restaurants, "You order for you and I'll order for me."
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