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Re: Aikido and sparring: how to?

Lots of good advices here! I guess I forgot to describe my situation. I learned Aikido when I was in Paris. I was lucky I found a Dojo that was to me, the best dojo you can find on earth. People are nice, fun and extremely skilled. Sensei was one of the best in France. And it's free I practiced almost 25 hours per week and became close friends with all my aikidokas.

All of that changed when I came back to America.... Like I said, the campus is secluded. The nearest Aikido dojo is like 2 hours away, and I have no car. There's absolutely no way I can get the training I used to get. I felt like I had drug withdrawal. I was desperate to get some training. The only thing available for me is the school's club. And the Sensei is , well, he is just a good Yudanshan who decided to teach us. And he only shows Aikido for 30 min each class. None of the people there seem to believe in Aikido.

So I guess in a sense I was stuck. I can get 1 hour per week of aikido (if you dismiss the fact that no one there even knows what ukemi is), and the rest I have to make do with sparring with the people there. I did learn a thing or two, but no where near the level I used to get in Paris.

I was just trying to think positive "maybe I can learn something from sparring with people". Not sure if it's the right mindset anymore. Recently I've only been frustrated.
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