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Re: It Had to Be Felt #11 - Abbe Kenshiro: "Trying to Catch the Wind"

Graham Farquhar wrote: View Post
Thank you for the post Sensei Ellis. I have posted a link to one of the videos of Abbe sensei from your website yesterday on the non aikido martial traditions section. Sensei Williams has been my teacher for most of my time in aikido talks as highly of Abbe Sensei as you do (that won't surprise you). Having heard about his technique for almost 30 years now it is through your efforts that I can witness it for myself with the publication of the films on your website and YouTube, something I never thought I would have the chance to do!

Thank you so much!

Dear Graham

Thank you for your kind comments, appreciated.

It was our last meeting before the sad loss of Haydn Foster Sensei - Haydn - Derek Eastman and I were discussing the very beinnings of UK Aikido from its inception by Abbe Sensei.

We were all agreed that Williams Sensei was the right man, and the only man at that time to have taken on the huge task handed to him by Abbe Sensei;
That task being to introduce and spread Aikido across the UK.

Please pass on my respects to Williams Sensei when next you see him.

Take care

Henry Ellis
Co-author -`Positive Aikido`
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