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Re: Hidden in plain sight page 115

To answer to Larry's remark :The Tomiki system is more than randori techniques and goshin no kata. The JAA syllabus is just a minimal requirement for dangrade testing.JAA is an umbrella for different organisations (Shodokan, Shidokan....)Every organisation can add more requirements to their syllabus. Some of them are using the 6 koryu no kata in their syllabus. If Tomiki sensei advised to study the goshin no kata, and not the other koryu, maybe this was an advice to the university students and not to the older aikido people who were training in the local dojo's, for example the Okubo Sports Kaikan, the dojo of Ohba sensei. Why we have to practice those koryu no kata, please read the words of Ohba sensei :
[i]"During the mid-60 Ohba Sensei and others worked on the creation of the kata forms of the dai-ichi (first) to dai-roku (sixth), which we presently practice as the koryu no kata, in order to work on techniques for demonstrations and for purposes other than randori. What Ohba Sensei particularly stressed in formulating these kata was the organization of different techniques in such a way that students could learn connections between techniques easily and naturally. After he had organized the techniques to some extent, Ohba Sensei reported to Tomiki Sensei and demonstrated what he had done for him. He received some advice from Tomiki Sensei and then added corrections to the kata. ("Bujin Hideo Ohba," Kyogi Aikido Soseiki no Ayumi; Ohba Hideo Sensei o Shinobu)"

My original question or observation is about the relationship between prewar aikido and daito ryu and the techniques in the different koryu no kata we are practising now by a minority of Tomiki Aikido people. I took 1 example because the picture of admiral Takeshita is rather well known. In other parts of the koryu no kata we can see judo kata influence, or maybe older Koryu jujutsu styles.

Eddy Wolput
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