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Re: Self-Defense Aikido (Video)

I kinda like it. I think it could be handy to show beginners how they might use what can often feel like overly formal Aikido moves in a bit more of realistic/practical light. I think flipping the bill of his partner's hat is a good way to show/imply atemi as well. When folks are up front about "self-defense" techniques, I tend to cut them some slack as they're generally concerned with conveying only the most basic concepts, and of course they can't go around punching in the face either. I like think of it in musical terms. To me, this is more like a free form jam session rather than a concerto, or symphony. Not a demonstration of perfect, classical techniques by any means, but some decent adaptations of familiar ones. Of course, anything that can help someone escape/avoid a violent situation is good thing. Even if it's just yelling for help. Although, yelling "Fire!" tends to be more effective, as more people will come to see what's going on, whereas they will often run away, or ignore you if you simply yell for "help!" :/
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