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Re: 10/26 - 10/28 - Daito Ryu Ginjukai Seminar - Bellevue, WA

Originally, this seminar was scheduled with Popkin Sensei, who is one of the great teachers of "aiki" principles that I know of. We set up a Daito Ryu Study Group under his oversight and he is kind enough to journey out several times a year to work with us.

On a number of occasions, we were fortunate enough to have Popkin Sensei's co-dojo cho, Joe Brogna come along with him. Another fantastically knowledgeable instructor, these seminars with the two of them have been doubly wonderful since we all received twice the attention.

This time, however, Popkin Sensei is about to become a new Daddy and didn't wish to be away from home so Brogna Sensei was dispatched to help us (a good thing for Howard and Lisa as the hurricane hit right during the seminar).

This was the first time we got to experience a whole seminar with Brogna Sensei and I have to say we knocked out by what a fantastic job he did. The idea that their dojo back East has two instructors at that level just seems more than a bit unfair. Brogna Sensei organized the material in a linear progression that made making connections between the principles being taught very clear.

I am always a bit surprised that more folks from the Aikido community don't take advantage of these two fine teachers. While the style they teach is Daito Ryu, and specifically the Daito Ryu of Okamoto Sensei, any Aikido person enamored of the kind of effortless technique you would have seen with Yamaguchi Sensei or still can experience with a teacher like Endo Sensei or Saotome Sensei would do well to do some work with these two teachers.

Personally, I have little or no trouble applying the principles taught in this style of Daito Ryu to my own Aikido. The outer forms my be different but the inner principles are exactly the same. If you get a chance to attend a seminar taught by either Popkin Sensei or Brogna Sensei do not miss it...

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