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Re: Ueshiba the monomaniac?

mmm..made a mistake in having a last look here didn't

So there has been no ranting from me...I have quietly stated perhaps later than I should, that you can get very sick in many ways doing alternative training...this is fact. Some problems have been addressed..others haven't and can be very dangerous to you and possibly others.

No I don't need to tell you much at all....but if you don't know then shouldn't advocate practises to all and sundry. Some have gone further...they've said all sorts about Japan etc...purely speculative at best some of it. Yet you say my words are empty...they are in a way as I'm not filling you with anything am I. Go back and read what I said...nothing wrong there at all I hope (and how would you know). If there is I apologise for that.

I don't spend all day on here so miss some people's input and don't reply to everything..this is not personal so please don't take it as such.

I haven't made any self aggrandsations at all either....I merely said I'm acquainted with some of the highest level aikidoka around...some unknown..some people operating in other arena...that's just a fact that I don't have to give any further info on. I don't know you and you don't know I'm not taking anything away from anything. You think you have a right to know everything don't you...even about me...well quite simply you don't....and there are very good reasons for that.

Go talk to the people telling you to do things other than regular aikido and get the answers from them about what can happen/go wrong....again as I said earlier if they don't know then I would be very concerned and also very very careful. I'm sure you're dealing with reasonable people there, yet on this website they come across as something very different at times...anyone can..and like myself some say too much imho and not always in the best way.

The work can be good...or it can be/go very bad...and the duality is not easily controlled...

And that's it...I won't write anything more...I'm very busy and have a lot to do....this has become a distraction that I really don't need.

I'm going to go seek therapy ^^

All the best again...lets retain a sense of humour ^^


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