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Re: Ueshiba the monomaniac?

Lee Price wrote: View Post
So you can see I say this with careful
In all things: buyer beware. Beyond that I think it's pointless to keep talking about non-descript risks because all they seem to do is beg for apparently unanswerable questions.

My first posting here in some time was met with basically an attack by him...that's just damaging.
Only as damaging as you allow it to be; people make mistakes; let's move forward and make something more positive then.

This is not a personal thing at all you know...but generally I don't get why the little "in group" don't talk privately...why is everything being pushed in front of the unknowing and unprotected public?
It sounds personal to me, but taking you at face value, maybe they don't know the dangers you are aware of and are just trying to help others in a way they feel thankful for...paying it forward? I'm of the philosophy that open/sincere conversation among friendly people is only a good thing...even things we can't learn about through conversation because every now and then you read/hear something that puts things in a new perspective.

So, with that in mind...Ueshiba Morihei...monomaniac or kissing-disease-aholic?
But seriously though...Lee, would you describe the danger(s) you're worried about as physical mental or spiritual? Applying to all three or potentially any combination thereof?
Good night and pelasant dreams all!

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