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David Orange
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Re: Ueshiba the monomaniac?

Lee Price wrote: View Post
Hya David,

I'm a very honest person....but enough of the personal affronts. I've said what does need to be said to some that should listen.... have made claims and failed to back them up when asked directly, replying instead with self-aggrandizement, how great your experience is (though you won't say what) what great people you know (though you won't say who)....that's called "trolling," dude.

Lee Price wrote: View Post
Please don't feel the need to say anything more to me now...and "folks" is just a word that is widely used and doesn't = troll.
It's not the word, Lee. It's the appeal to the onlookers to come and stand by your very weak position. No one wants to stand by that kind of thing.

Lee Price wrote: View Post
I'm being very fair to a lot of people...if you stop to think you will see this is the case...nothing more.
No, Lee. You haven't been fair to anyone. Fair to anyone is fair to all. You've flung insults and insinuations but you haven't had the honesty to back it up.

Lee Price wrote: View Post
I'm not against careful that you aren't either...ok...all the best
There's no need to be against someone who is blatantly undermining himself. Your credibility here has long since leaked away. Why would I bother to be against someone like that? Your passive aggressiveness will just result in your being left entirely out of the conversations you have such a need to be a part of. Maybe if you looked at your own posts a bit more closely and worried less about advising everyone else, you might be taken seriously. Addressing you at all is just a form of giving you a chance to do that. The answers you give show the waste of giving you a chance.

Best to you.

"That which has no substance can enter where there is no room."
Lao Tzu

"Eternity forever!"
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