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Re: Belt color importance

The color of the belt isn't the problem. The problem lies directly with the person wearing the belt. From day one we are taught, as I am sure in every other martial art, to be humble, to lose our ego. It shouldn't matter if the person is sempai or kohai, if they are offering information that you don't want to accept simply smile and nod or move away from that person. Personally, if I am at a seminar and I am offered input by anyone I listen. I give the person sharing the information the respect due another human being. I can't stress enough that it isn't the colored belt or the lack of a colored belt, nor is it about rank.

We as a whole are failing for two reasons. The first is that we aren't practicing what our sensei teach us. that is to be humble. The second is that there are a multitude of instructors out there that lead by the wrong example. It is sickening.

Lyle Laizure
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