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Re: Are we really doing O'Senseis Aikido?

Carina Reinhardt wrote: View Post
Are we really doing O'Senseis Aikido
Are shotokan karatekas really doing Funakoshis karate?
Are judokas really doing Kanos Judo.
Are we speaking the same english like 100 years ago?
Or the same japanese? I just read a funny story in the interesting E-book Write for Tohoku,"Lost in translation with Roberta Flack" by Heather Dune, it is about Misaki, grown up in Hawaii having learned the japanese from her grandmother. She asked in japanese for the toilet in a department store in Tokyo and all the sales women laughed and bowed, she repeated her question and the ladys kept laughing holding their stomach, then she was shocked thinking that such a fine department store did not have a restroom, finally the matron came and asked again what Misaki needed, and as she told her the matron too began to laugh and told her, that she had asked for the shit house(Misaki's grandmother had emigrated from Japan before there had been plumbing).
Everything develops... the Aikido too. We should just keep training
By the way you can find this interesting E-Book in
Thank you, Carina, for your post. I think a cursory review of Judo and Karate sites on the web will find very similar threads focused on this kind of topic. Human memory is a net with a lot of holes in it which each day gets more frayed; human communication is fraught with language difficulties made worse by background noises that interfere with our hearing. If anybody is alive today who actually heard English spoken 100 years ago would that help us any? Can we really be sure of what Chaucer sounded like when he read out loud?And so on and so forth.

Humor and Laughter are welcome alternatives to an excess of fretting about these issues which quickly devolve into barroom discussions.

Having made these statements, may I foolishly venture to ask if anyone here can give the Japanese translation, or, better yet, give the original quote and source from OSensei which is translated into English as:

"there is no enemy, opponent or other in aikido, there is not even a partner"

With kind regards.

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