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Re: Belt color importance

No junior could ever be graded to first dan. I have never agreed with juniors being graded to dan grade.
Hi Henry,

you'll be happy to know that tradition is still alive and well with us.

I have a lad going for his 1st Dan grading next Saturday. He started with me just before his 8th birthday and he will be 18 in a couple of months time. He has done every stripe on every belt, so has experienced more gradings than any one I know.

I'm expecting him to pass!

thanks for the background history. I did judo in the 1960's as a kid so was subject to the 'mon' system. Unfortunately I hit the max number of mons too young and could not enter the 'coloured belt' system until I reached 16, so I sort of lost motivation. A shame because I was good at what I was doing.



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