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C. David Henderson
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Re: Is two Days a week enough?

Why is people's self worth so wrapped into Aikido, to the point of anger, when they only devote an hour or two to it a week? They haven't devoted enough of their time to even begin to become defensive.

1. Folks have gotten annoyed not because they are "defensive" but because they viewed some things said as "offensive." Too bad you can't see why, since its really pretty obvious, but it isn't about some shallow need to protect the ego. .

2. So, let me get this straight, while Ryan gets to be "extremely insulted" by a perceived slight to a third person, people who may have felt offended by something you (or he, let's be honest) have said have no cause for their feelings. Just like the annoymous guy you flamed who wanted to quit Aikido. Nice. Gotta have a license to have a reaction....

3. The sloppiness in the discussion began to creep in, in my view, when a technical question of the relationship between frequency of training and mastery drifted into a discussion about "commitment," with one side taking a one-size-fits-all yardstick.

And oh, when someone drops out of the conversation, are you the kind of person who feels the need to have the last word? If you do that, some things may get repeated that otherwise would have been left said once.

David Henderson
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