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Re: 5th Kyu Shihan and Learning Styles

As a professional educator and principal of a school for students with discipline issues I was glad to see this thread. We test all of our students to look at their learning modalities. As an Aikido instructor I see verious learning styles in class. Based on my experience in both worlds I offer this information:
1) All students will learn differently, and learn different parts of Aikido differently. One skill may come by hands on work, were another may come be a visual clue.
2) The is a two sided coin - Instructors will teach from their learning modalities as well. We teach as we learn.
3) Alll students should provide feedback to nage. Nage should take it only as an observation unless that person is an instructor.
4) All Nikkyu and above should teach from time to time. Teaching develops greater understanding and encourages leadership skills.

My experiences with Aikido instructors was with two who were engineers by trade. (Very technical explinations) and another who took a "feel it" approach. I learned a lot from all of them. The different approaches allowed me to develop in very specific ways. Now as an instructor I teach from my prospective or style.

Feeback is key - it has to be seen, heard, and felt. Then practice a lot!

My $.02
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