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Re: Teaching a Beginner What Aikido Isn't

Willi Brix wrote: View Post
And with all due respect Sir, you left out the "quick learning curve" part of my comment in your haymaker reply.

But IŽll step aside and let you charge ahead... let me just point out that this topic has been discussed already not so long ago in the thread " I heard, that Aikido is teaching more than fighting. And a question about home train." under "General".

Why donŽt you visit that thread and refute everybody there?
Well I guess even though I was gentle about it you still took it personally for which I apologize..If you look at my post count you;ll see I have been around and I have read the thread you suggested and have posted in one of them.

I now humbly bow out and allow you to continue sharing your wonderful experience with the gentle Art of Aikido.

William Hazen

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