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Re: 5th Kyu Shihan and Learning Styles

Thanks for that article, Pauliina. I've long considered that O Sensei's top students must have been visual learners (since he never explained his technique), and that's why they teach the way they do: they assume that everyone learns that way. And so the subsequent generations of teachers do the same, because that's the "traditional" way aikido is taught.

A woman joined my dojo several years ago and she drove me crazy as we practiced, saying "I don't understand this" and "how did you do that?", talking to me constantly, and I would tell her "Don't talk, just practice," but she wouldn't stop talking to me, causing me to avoid working with her. Then during one class it dawned on me that she wasn't talking to me, she was talking to herself, telling herself "I don't understand" and asking herself "how did he do that?" And as soon as I came to this realization, I stopped scolding her and actually found myself enjoying my practice with her. And now, several years later, she still talks, and I still enjoy practicing with her.

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