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Re: Using less force on a smaller person w/o being patronizing

Hi Jonathan. I assumed like a lot of the other people posting comments that it was about how to do the technique with a smaller uke.

Good point about ukemi because you have to create a sincere attack or the tori doesn't have anything to work with.

But in ukemi too you should always be relaxed and attacking from your centre, and your shoulders should never be stiff or raised. I already said once today (in a comment on ninjaqutie's blog) that ukemi should be honest.

Your point was even more subtle because you were talking about intent. In fact maybe Basia will be pleased because we can get back to physics. The forces of the attack can be pictured as shafts or planes or vectors or arcs of energy that we can join with and use. I'll talk about energy in my blog one of these days.

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