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Re: Yoshinkan and "aiki"

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Niall Matthews wrote:
Aiki as something you have isn't normally used in Japanese.
Thank you for pointing this out.

This has bothered me for the some time now.

It is directly related to the incorrect way they use the term aiki.
Or we could say...It is the reason most people in the aiki arts talk so much about not being able to actually do aiki with any serious resistance or in freestyle fighting.

Or I could ask why is it that an ever increasing number of your arts teachers are switching to this older model and way of thinking once they feel it-and not your own? That's their assessment of things and not ours.

I am doing another seminar on aiki with a few shihan and several teachers from; Daito ryu, aikido (several different branches of aikido) Karate and koryu coming. So I could ask you:
Why are these seminars attended by these people repeatedly?
You might want to consider that there is a very strong chance that something is afoot that you are unaware of or know little about, that an ever increasing number of teachers are considering essential to their careers in budo. Just ask them.
Or maybe not, its all good
Good luck in your training

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