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Mike Sigman
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Re: Yoshinkan and "aiki"

Isn't this getting into sorta "well, as I heard it..." stuff? I know Yamada went out in NYC and tried on some tough guys and has some scars to show for it. Shioda supposedly took on (with another guy) a bunch of Yakuza. Who, doing the sceptical stuff, has got better credentials on (a.) what they've personally done other than with stooges and (b.) has better hands-on information about what Ueshiba's students ever did?

In my time in martial-arts, I've seen few really great fighters attempt to establish their own reputations by tearing others' down. Usually the people who do that sort of stuff are fairly easily marked for what they are. I don't mind good anecdotes in which something useful can be learned (don't get me wrong), but the mark of the lower-level martial-arts is this constant sort of put-down of other people. I.e., let's move on.


Mike Sigman
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