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Re: What is "IT"?

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On this particular exercise, I can take a frontal push to the chest with uke taking a run up, redirect the push back, so that they bounce off my chest, I saw video footage of O Sensei and Shioda doing it, so tried it based on how I assumed it was done. Well, I can make it work with my students anyway. There is a possibility that they are just being kind to me, and I am deluding myself and in turn them, but why would we want to persue something so false. I don't see it as much of a big thing, just something that comes with co-ordination, something that will get done in a lesson, before moving on to another exercise.
Your comment that "you don't see it as much of a big thing" confuses me, because it *is* a big thing. Perhaps you wouldn't experience it as such, if all you know is for it to be present all the time, but still ...

Mark Freeman wrote: View Post
Having said that I will be meeting Mike Sigman this weekend
Since I'll be there too, would you mind showing me the exercise you mentioned in the post I quoted above?
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