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Re: What is "IT"?

Erick Mead wrote: View Post
The most useful and simple thing is physical models, which are images of action -- not equations ( though they exist) --- not complex behavioral laws (though they exist) -- but images and shapes that one can see and feel in the actions that are otherwise hard to categorize.
Short of actually touching people, words can be a very good medium for exchange, but first the speaker has to understand the subject and second, he has to tailor the words to pure simplicity. I think it was Einstein who said if you can't explain something simply, it shows that you really don't understand it.

Mike and Rob have always said "If you can't explain it, you don't understand it."

But if your explanations are so dense and convoluted that no one really understands them (to me, actually, they are so pointless that they become boring and I just cease trying to read them), then chances are very good that you don't want anyone to clearly understand them. And that is a good bet that they'll think you understand it so much better than them that they give you credit for understanding without really being sure.

I'm pretty sure that's not the case.

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