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Well, well. Shunning? .. are we ... Amish? I mean, really.
It's not shunning as a punishment. I don't control the site, you don't belong in these discussions and you don't have the common decency to remove yourself after being asked to do so over and over. The only recourse here to that kind of behavour is to ignore the person.
What does that say about the durability of the whole "renovating aiki" project if it can be so trivially threatened by a mere set of ideas ?
It isn't threatened. You have done exaclty nothing, had no impact whatsoever, and have no meaningful dialogue to offer anyone on the subject. If you ever do come up with anything worth reading I'm sure those who do know what they are talking about will inform you-if you haven't alienated everyone by then.

My only concern is not for me, but for others who might be looking. You have firmly establish that you don't know anything about the subject, so that's a good thing.

Why not rebut the ideas with better ideas and then we have all taught everyone a thing or two?
I've done one better I have rebutted in person then explained how to do these things to those willing to do the work. There is no need to debate you or anyone. Again for me- one hundred thousand words ends in one...Duh! Once we touch hands.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much more so hands on instruction in a physical activity!!
In the kindest way I am telling you -you have nothing to offer here.

Has anyone yet explained to anyone else WHY, concretely, the ideas presented are incorrect? Just asking.
Yes, in detail.
Come train. When you utterly fail I will do what I always do- show you how to fix it.
We go out and test and then ...and then...actually teach aiki. It's a really neat concept. One I hope the Japanese can learn for themselves. It may be hard- them being Japanese and all. It's a cultural thing. Maybe if they eat more mash potatoes.
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