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Re: What is "IT"?

David Orange wrote: View Post
I'm getting behind-the-scenes feedback on this matter ...
Conveniently vague and suggestive.

Why do I want to doggedly climb up to a high vantage on the geological accident of a pile of ash called Fuji, if I can "do a few calculations according to some theory" and eventually fly above it,and see a much larger context of the terrain? Climbing up gets me no higher point of view than Fuji provides, and leaves me stuck in the spot where Fuji just happened to vomit forth. Not that the views are not splendid, but the height itself is not bound to that path if one employs other methods.

David Orange wrote: View Post
If you can do that kind of thing, people will definitely be talking about you in a strong positive context.
See -- that is the difference. I don't care if you talk about me, good or bad. The reasons why these discussions remain so tied up in individual personalities and presumed conflicts is that the ideas themselves have not been developed adequately. At one point you had some thoughts on that score -- and while you may have concluded from your experience that the approach of your thinking at the time was misguided, the impulse to develop generally thought-out concepts was not.

It is precisely NOT about me when I write about the idea. My approach in that regard is only maddening because your focus is so narrowly on the person(s) -- not the concepts -- I am concerned with the thing itself and the ideas that describe it. People manifest the principles involved to whatever degree, or subject to known errors even, but the personal variables are only interesting insofar as they reveal the deeper concept of action.

The fact that everyone who engages this discussion as you are, tries so urgently to MAKE it about me, or about them, or about me vs. them, or them vs. them -- or whatever -- is pointless and inane. The title of the thread is "What is IT?" not "Whose is the baddest whupass mojo thingy ?" or some other sixth appendage length stretching sessions.

David Orange wrote: View Post
Certainly, what you're describing has no relation to what we're talking about in this thread.
So you keep saying -- and I keep asking -- why do you conclude that? Other than, of course, because Dinsdale told you I had transgressed the unwritten law. 'Cuz, ya know, that's good enough for me with ole Dinsy!

Should I believe you or my lying eyes ? If it is so "certain" then it should be straightforward to explain why. Explaining the concrete reasons for your view would better advance the idea, even if -- and especially if -- I were wrong....


Erick Mead
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