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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 13

Allen Beebe wrote: View Post
Thanks for the further reading Erick.

BTW, did you know that there is a copy of the "Nestorian Stone" at Koyasan?

"and we should not indulge in senseless speculation while clinging to the ordinary and superficial meanings of these words. The Existence consisting of the Six Great Elements, the essence of the World of Dharma, is free without any obstacle and is in a state of eternal harmony."
I was aware of the copy on Koyasan. That copy was reputedly donated by a Western benefactor in the early twentieth century. While it was accepted then and remains today, the late date of its placement is of uncertain validity in establishing the substantive influences that are suggested by other, more direct connections such as those cited, in the Sat-Paramita translation with a specific source text brought over by Kukai.

Saeki's work on the stone, is online: At p. 71-75 he addresses the collaboration episode between the Christian priest Adam and the Indian Buddhist monk Prajna as related by Prof. Takakusu, a according to whom the same Adam as worked with Prajna was the named drafter of the text for the 'Nestorian' stele itself -- and also acknowledging the common identification in Japan of Prajna's tutelage of Kukai.

An early translation of the stone is also online: -- as is a high resolution image from which the characters are perfectly readable at a decent zoom: and a searchable Chinese text here: 1%E9%A0%8C

A summary of sources on the Central Asian links to Chinese Christianity are here: 'Nestorian' is an inaccurate name for the Church of the East, as they did not follow the teaching of Nestorius, though his teaching did initially find favor at their center of teaching in Edessa, it was not representative of the theology of the Church of the East proper. 'Non-Chalcedonian' is a more accurate theological description.


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