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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 13

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would the amount of people involved in the speaking of the kotodama (at once!) be a factor in all of this?
Only as a matter of confusion. As you hear the sonic boom of a jet that has gone by, so are the sounds of people speaking. The event, the kotodama, has already happened. I would guess in Peter's novel, the protagonist would use multiple people chanting to throw suspicion off of his/her trail such that the investigator is focused on those chanting while the real villain might not be chanting at all.

Throughout the novel, the hero discovers small tidbits of information, or discovers signs which he finds could be used to alter one's view of the world. Or is his view being deliberately altered as he learns this?

In the end, his learning of kotodama and signs helps him to become the avatar to the kami and using signs, he brings the kami to help him stop the villain.

Pure fiction, right?
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