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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 13


No, no, no. What kototama gaku IS. It is a subject of study.

Kototama gaku is the study (= scientific ) of kotodama. Mutsuru Nakazono was held in very high regard in Europe for his martial skills. However, I believe he is another of O Sensei's students who did not actually study with the Founder for very long. This is not a problem for Nakazono, of course, since he believed that O Sensei's views on kototama were not so good: O Sensei was contaminated too much with Omoto cosmology.

The Wachowski brothers were not so intellectually hygienic with the later Matrix films. Nor was Lucas/Spielburg for the 4th Indiana Jones film.

So my aikido juicy murder novel will be intellectually coherent to a very high degree, within the present boundaries of aikido--given all the problems surrounding the postwar development of the art.

Think of it as a fictional parallel to the columns I am writing.



Raul Rodrigo wrote: View Post
Okay, now that one threw me for a loop. No, I have no idea what kotodama gaku are. But thanks for the heads-up. Will take a look at whatever sources I can find about Nakazono and get back to you. Does that mean that your novel will become part Sam Spade/ part Wachowski brothers? Does the investigator (the unnamed Professor G.) open the scroll and fall into a parallel universe at the end? "To be continued..."



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