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Re: Effectiveness of Aikido in a combat situation

I share your hypothesis Jennifer.

Have you by chance read "In Search of the Warrior Spirit"?

Dr Strozzi-Heckler covers alot of this in that book.

This links to Amazon Book:

The good news is that the Army has instituted the Modern Army Combatives Program, which is a form of budo. Although I am not sure how many people identify with it for the reasons you state, but it is a step in the direction.

The army also has started a whole program on "Battlemind" as well.

While we might not recognize it in the form we see in the dojo, there are things that are being done these days.

I agree though that for many, budo and particularly Aikido, for the reasons Dr Strozzi-Heckler outlines in his book would be a good thing too!