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Re: Don't waste your time practicing AIKIDO

Luc Saroufim wrote:
i don't follow. please describe in much more detail.
not sure if ther's anything to describe. just like how people focus and center in a dojo (like breathing into imaginery point below the navel), i try to reach the same psychological level in the bedroom. Imaginery or not, when i let the pressure of the head and shoulders flow into that point, i feel a lot more "connected" to my partner, although from a physical viewpoint nothing has changed.

not much that i can explain as i'm pretty new. but from a newbie's point of view - i've read in these threads about how akido has helped people reaalign their thoughts, deal with social problems, gave their life a new dimension, clearer focus etc but i've never heard anyone say it's improved the quality of their sex life. well, yes, i think it does.

It could be a combo of everything that has brought me to this position. I used to be an angry/moody person and I notice that i get angry a lot less these days. Not sure how long this calm will last but i hope it will. Right now, i'm trying to do more than practice aikido in the training hall. slowly, i'm trying to treat other areas of my life as a "dojo" so i can do aikido wherever i am. cheers!
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