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Re: Don't waste your time practicing AIKIDO

Oh! The same old song.
Well, talking about real life:
"Aikido doesn't require fitness so most aikido players are old, fat and not strong enough"
Not exactly. I have been in Aikido classes that have been more strenuos for my body than Karate classes, for example. But
a) YOU can look for a better physical conditioning without hanging on the art for receiving it. Just make more exercise at home or gym.
b) If this talk about physical is true, then AIkido is a more universal art, because it can give a surviving chance to elder persons, physically weaker human beings and other 'easy targets' that violence choose with preference. A thug is a coward, he will pick up on a weaker prey, not on a strong athlete.
" you can not attack in aikido you just receiving and waiting what the attackers will do"
a) Depends on Sensei: I was taught to preemptively strike when necessary BUT we are not waiting passively. No. We are receiving his energy and redirecting it against himself. This is not passive at all. This is a very useful concept. And for the weaker person it is great not to depend on the force of muscle to defend herself, but to rely on the momentum of the aggressor who willl crash against the wall thanx to a good Tenkan.
I am not so strong, for example. When I see big Golems on the street, I thank God that I donīt rely in my punching power only against them. I rely too on their own momentum and their articulations, thanx to AIkido.
" many aikido techniques depend on grabbing which is rarely happen in real fights"
Hmmmm? These guys really know their business huh? What degree are they in Aikido? None? How can they speak about something they donīt know well?
a) What about the Chudan Tsuki, Shomen Uchi, Yokomen Uchi, etc. that YOU make in your Dojo? Are those grabs????
b) And who said that in a fight there is not grabbing? When persons tend to close the range, what happens?
" aikido focuses on hands to applying its techniques and ignores the rest of the body, no kicks no punches no jumping"
a) Atemi is 70% of Aikido in the street: remember. All the time we are taught to hit on the middle of control, and kicks are included in many Aikido programms. But again depends on Sensei.
b) By the way, ask the older fighters. They will tell you that Kicking is dangerous on real situations. And jumping????? No comments!!!!! Having both feet well grounded is the more wise attitude on a real fight, man! These guys have ever fought on reality?
" aikido is only good for seminars and demonstrations"
a) Bull Butter. The testimony of many persons around the world negates that.
b) Besides is good for Self DEVELOPMENT. This is important.
" aikido is too traditional, no body use sword in our world today"
a) And cutting attacks? Sure are they gone? Have you heard of machete attacks? I do.
b) Besides, with a Bokken you make attacks that are similar to a iron lead to the head, very street like.
My Gosh! Make an apliccation of what you train! Is all in the street!
" aikido is a philosophy more than a combat way"
Is a philosophy of no - combat? True. Is not a combat way? True. is useless for Self Defense, false.
About effectivity against other martial arts: is not devised for fighting, against NO ONE. But if you are not in the wrong place (tenkan) they can not hit you, ay? I have succesfully avoided Wing Chun, Kali and other MAīs attacks with Tenkan after Tenkan. There is a moment when they always say: Let me hit you! And by the way, my two best training partners are
a) a Brown Belt active Karate practitioner
b) A brown Belt ex Ju Jitsu practitioner, with experience in FMAs and other arts.
All the others have previous experience in other Martial Arts. And this is a common situation in the whole world. In fact the first generation of AIkidoist was composed of skilled Budo warriors. Why do these persons like AIkido then?
They like Aikido, and they have tested itīs efficiency.

Man, is up to you. If YOU want to learn AIkido, learn it. If YOU donīt like Aikido, drop it. But donīt let OTHERS to decide about your life. Everything here is personal.

Hope this helps
Your friend
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