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Brian Beach
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Re: An open letter to the martial arts community about conduct in the dojo

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Not so, actually, according to the requirements that Dan cited. Yes, I was surprised too. Maybe that reference is incorrect?
Yes I was being USAF myopic. I just also looked at "Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere" which lists the requirements for testing at hombu and NY Aikikai as of 1964 and 5 respectively (p.37-38).

The Hombu ( October 1964) are: 5th Kyu - 40 hrs, 4th - 40 hrs, 3rd - 30 hrs, 2nd - 60 hrs, 1st - 60 hrs, Shodan ( none listed, but the technique required is the same as 1st kyu so if we keep the hour requirement the same we get 290.

The NY Aikikai (Spring 1965) are: 5th Kyu - 60 hours, 4th - 60 hrs, 3rd - 60, 2nd - 60, 1st - 90, Shodan 150. We get a total of 480.

So it is interesting that the requirements have inflated over the years.
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