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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

[quote=Michael Fooks;188522]So graham it's using simple techniques that will work but to make them work you need almost superhuman awareness?

This conversation is starting to sound familiar. Knocking out a grappler as they clinch is great if you can manage it, but a terrible "go to" strategy - because it has been shown time and again even the best strikers struggle to do it. Pointing to legends of someone long dead for evidence that it is what we should be doing is unacceptable.
Telling people that this is how it should work in theory but that pretty much no one today has develeoped their awareness or spirit or ki enough is unacceptable. If people are looking for fighting solutions then martial leaders need to be able to provide proven and reliable methods that deliver results in less than half a lifetime.QUOTE]

If you watch Mifune do judo, you see his awareness, it is for this reason he could not be thrown. I see footage of Mochizuki Kancho doing Judo, and I see the same awareness. Hence it is possible to develop this awareness.

Michael Fooks wrote: View Post
As always, the way to deal with grapplers is to learn how to grapple effectively. Or stay out of their way.
People don't read! I said in Yoseikan we learn to grapple, I also said that in the highly unlikely situation were I have to defend myself against a trained BJJer I am happy to go to the floor!

Graham Wild
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