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Re: Practicing Jodo alongside Aikido?

Fredrik Hall wrote:
..So, has anyone any kind of advice, warnings, tips about my situation? Maybe there is some "simple" method of keeping the two sides seperate?

I'd apreciate any help.
Hi Fredrik,

Remembering that Aiki-ken and jo are essentially teachers of aiki principles, used to install important aspects of our aikido. The physical use of the bokken and jo in aikido aren't specifically designed to teach you to the use them as weapons in their own right however, Iai and Jodo on the other hand do just that, teach you how to use those items as traditional weapons.

I study Iaido and have never found a conflict between that and my study of Aikido (quite the opposite actually) The same will be for Jodo. As Si stated, approach your training with the same attitude and Iai/Jodo will greatly compliment your combined study but, if you approach them differently attempting to bring specific aspects of Aiki-jo in to your Jodo class and visa-versa you may suffer problems.

Keep your mind open to each Sensei's teaching and absorb. You yourself will naturally combine your understanding as time progresses.

Enjoy !


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