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Re: Deliberations on the transmission of knowledge

Tin Tran wrote: View Post
Well, I thought that paraphrase from Emerson was pretty aggressive myself- there wasn't any doubt about the general points I was addressing I mean, you got it right away, right? If you didn't, then I might have given you too much credit for all those big words you were throwing around

Who is this strange strange man that keeps antagonizing me yet fails to analyze what I just posted? Doesn't he also understand that paraphrasing an unclear statement (I knew he really meant to say "dude you know nothing about integrity and honor so shut up") originally made by a famous author and ending it with a winky emoticon is a form of passive-aggressiveness? Also, I use big words, but that has no relation to how I understood the gentleman's paraphrase of Emerson's statement since this strange man obviously knows about Emerson but messed up on his verb conjugations and his pluralization.

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