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Richard Stevens
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Re: Steven Seagal's Impact on MMA?

As much as it would be great to see an Aikikai Shihan imparting some wisdom on Team Blackhouse, it seems more like a push for publicity from both parties.

I find it hard to believe that Seagal taught Anderson Silva that front kick, and ridiculous that Machida could keep a straight face while saying that Seagal taught him the front kick he dropped Couture with considering he has been training in a Shotokan offshoot since he was 5 years old.

Could Seagal provide some coaching regarding footwork and entering? Yes. Could he try to adapt some locks/pins to work in the Octagon? Sure. Can he teach a life-long Karate practitioner a kick he had been doing for 20 years before he met Seagal? No.

I would also argue that Machida wasn't doing "Seagal Hands", rather he was doing "Silva Hands" as Anderson has been doing that for a long time.
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