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Re: Aikido Free Mat Time

Brian Rozell wrote: View Post
I was just wondering if any of you have a chance to work on your aikido outside of class. If so has this mat time helped you to improve your aikido?
IMO, it's the only way to make any real progress in your training, particularly if the class is structured as is the all too typical : demo, practice. Demo new technique, practice. etc..

I have only practiced for 3 years in an Aikikai dojo and feel that I am could use more unstructured mat time.
Do it.

Does any one know if this is a common practice in dojos, or if Osensei allowed this at his dojo?
It is a common practice in many dojo. I'm curious why it matters whether O-sensei allowed it? Certainly he reputedly did a LOT of solo training, so I can't imagine why he wouldn't (or why it would matter).

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