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Re: Poll: Do you think Morihei Ueshiba intended aikido for everyone?

Having said that between my original training in Aikido in the '80s and the last 8 months at Finger Lakes Aikido, I know a heck of a lot less than most people here, I have these two print sources:

In 1942, the name "Aikido" was formally adopted for Morihei's art, and his son Kisshomaru was appointed head instructor of the Tokyo dojo. Morihei told Kisshomaru, "I will leave it up to you to promote Aikido in society; I want to devote the rest of my life to further training."
--Ueshiba, Moriteru, THE AIKIDO MASTER COURSE -- BEST AIKIDO 2, Kodansha International Ltd 2003, p. 205.

So while Kisshomaru may have "opened the flood gates," his father had told him to "promote" Aikido. If O Sensei thought his son had gone too far, it isn't in any print source I've found yet.

On April 15 (1969), Morihei (Ueshiba's) condition became critical; as his many disciples and friends made their final calls, he gave his last instructions: "Aikido is for the entire world. Train not for selfish reasons, but for all people everywhere."
-- Stevens, John, Under the Direction of Shirata Rinjiro, AIKIDO: THE WAY OF HARMONY, Shamballa Pulbications, 1984, p. 13

Again, if he meant for Aikido to be restricted or under wraps, he may have changed his mind just as he was dying. But everything I've read on Aikido bcks up the view that after World War 2, O Sensei wanted Aikido spread, not restircted.

So I voted "Yes."
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