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Re: Yokomenuchi: exterior entry?

Mike Braxton wrote: View Post
This entry is easier to do if the yokomen being done does not have a wide arc. If the arc is wide, then you can not irimi big for it would be too hard to move the yokomen to the side with your arm.
Exactly what I'm talking about. Still want to find a way to get outside though.

This is what can become the uke nagashi if you go through instead of stepping in on uke like shown in the vid.
We teach to practice slowly, make contact with the arm and then swing in / fold in the elbow joint and lower arm while stepping through.
Hard to describe instead to show. But in the end the steps, the feet are much more important than the deflecting movement of the arms. With some experience it is sometimes able to do this without contact.
I try this today and told my partner that he should kaeshi if possible, see if the technique works. I'm pretty sure I didn't do it well enough, but when I block the arm with the outside hand and atemi with the inside hand to the face (which he blocked), that hand becomes immediately vulnerable to be grabbed by uke's freehand and he did a nikyo on me.

Well, I suppose it's hard to make aikido works if your partner knows what you are doing and is allowed to counter it.
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