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Re: "Hidden in Plain Sight" - Shinkage ryu menkyo

Joshua Reyer wrote: View Post
If I could be assured of "reasoned argument" with you, I would engage in it, but I'm afraid I've been down this road before. I could write a long essay detailing what exactly Munenori was talking about with regards to "shuji-shuriken" "being/non-being", and so on, and how those particular concepts don't show up in aikido. But in the end, you'd simply ignore the point, semantically pick apart a few turns of phrase, and in the end just say that despite what these concepts actually mean in Shinkage-ryu, Ueshiba's interpretation was different, ..... Heck, you've already started that with your last post.
Actually, the underlined was the point -- back in the first discussion -- in 2006 -- so points to me for prophecy in presaging my "brilliantly shallow rhetorical coup" to your present "masterly dismissal," I suppose.

I did not invent his association with Shinkage -- he did -- if it was invented, in whole or in part. Then the question would be -- how much and why?

You seem to read Ueshiba and his language as objects among other objects for your proper tidying up -- just cause he's dead and can't correct you. Me? I read Ueshiba and I try to have a conversation with the man. He was a messy mind. I have no interest or business in tidying messy people up. He might be wrong and he might be dead but he is still more interesting. Thankfully, I like conversation even with less interesting people.


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