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Re: "Hidden in Plain Sight" - Shinkage ryu menkyo

Mark -
1.It was a "shinkage-ryu jujutsu menkyo" There is no evidence of Takeda studying any such system. And the extant systems of Shinkage-ryu jujutsu were not at all related to YSR - it was just such a "cool' name that a lot of people appropriated it. That's why I state my belief that it was simply a symbolic recognition of a special relationship (not unlike Takeda drawing up a new certificate called Daito-ryu menkyo kaiden for Hisa Takuma several decades later.
2. I establish pretty clearly that Ueshiba studied YSR from Gejo - and this was a fairly well-known fact (Tomiki Sensei said so, for example).
3. Gejo could have shown Takeda something of what he did. Why not? At that late stage of Takeda's life, however, and with him already having developed his unique style of kenjutsu, I very much doubt it would have made much of an impression on him, even if Gejo did show him some kata. To me, it would sort of been like some salon musician playing a tune for Mozart and the latter giving it more than a moment's thought.

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